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Do you find yourself saying "I need to sell my condo fast" -  then you have come to the right place! At DCI Properties, we buy condos in Ontario in ANY condition.

You may find yourself weighing the pros and cons of selling your condo to a real estate agent? Yes, you may have some tough decisions ahead of you, but selling your condo successfully is the most important factor. While selling to a real estate agent may be the more traditional way to go, selling to DCI Properties can save you a lot of time, money, and stress!

There are many differences between selling your condo to a local real estate agent versus selling your condo to DCI Properties. In fact, one of the major differences, is that our estimates show that condo-owners can save an average of $6,000 – $10,000 in real estate agent fees alone when selling to us. That alone, is a lot to consider when selling your condo.

How do you know what to do to sell your condo to real estate agent or not? Well, we’ve put together a simple list on what to expect in both situations. 

Commissions:5% of Sales Price in Ontario.NONE
Repairs:Most real estate agents will ask for repairs or even the lender will require repairs in order to sell the condo.NONE - We pay for all repairs
Time and Carrying Costs:It takes about 3-6 months to sell a house. During this time you will have to pay for taxes, maintenance, utilities, insurance and interest.NONE- We can purchase right away
Cleaning:Your real estate agent will want a clean show-ready condo to present to potential buyers.NONE - We take care of this for you
Packing:Once you sell, you will have to leave the place empty and clean.NONE - You can leave what you don't want behind
Staging:Many real estate agents require a condo to be staged when showing off the condo to potential buyers. Meaning a whole lot of decluttering for you.NONE - Not required
Showing:You may have to show your condo off 5-30 times to find a buyer.Once (Just Us)
Closing Date:Typically 30-60 days after finding a buyer.On the Date of YOUR CHOICE
Appraisal, Inspection, and Financing ContingencyMost real estate agents have to finance, so an inspection, appraisal and credit approval are all required.NONE

We buy hundreds of condos in situations just like yours. Read our Reviews!

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