Relocating and Need to Sell Your House?

DCI Properties Can Help You Sell Your House in Ontario

While relocating to a new city or transferring to a new job may be a good thing, it may bring along unexpected complications if you need to sell your house before you relocate. At DCI Properties, we have special home selling solutions and top professionals to help those of you who need to sell your house fast.

Relocating can create short moving and selling timelines. They can also create a cash crunch. Often you may not have enough time to sell your house before you move, inevitably putting you in a position to deal with a house you no longer live in.

We help sellers with moving arrangements, if needed. We have connected sellers with local moving companies and even picked up the tab in certain scenarios.

Since we buy houses using our own finances we can close on your schedule.  We will buy your house “as is” regardless if it needs serious repairs. We will give you a no-obligation cash offer, so you know upfront your sales price and we will close on your time frame. So, if you will be relocating in two days or two months, we’ll make sure you get taken care fast and efficiently. This lets you avoid having to worry about house payments on a home you aren’t using and lets you make a smooth transition to your new job.

Relocation headaches are the last thing you need when taking a new position or location change. We can sincerely help you with a fast offer in your hands to help you consider all of your options.

We will also cover junk removal so you can leave behind anything you don’t want!
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