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Learn More About Selling To DCI

How does it work?

Pretty simple. We hop on a call to learn more about the property and your situation. Then we book a time to come visit the property in person. On that appointment our representative will present you with a bona fide offer for the property. If that option isn’t the right fit, we have a couple other solutions we can go over with you to help get the home sold. If the cash offer is the right fit for you, you pick the closing date and the funds are exchanged through the lawyer office (just like any other purchase or sale).

My house needs a lot of work. Do you really buy in any condition?

Yes! We buy properties in ANY condition. They could be full of mould, full of junk, have walls and floors in poor condition, have foundation issues, pests, damage from problematic tenants, or even houses with significant fire & smoke damage. Selling to DCI means you don’t need to fix, repair, or clean anything! Often times the issues aren’t as extreme and the house is just old and needs a lot of TLC. That’s okay too. We buy the house in as-is, where-is condition.

What makes you different than any other real estate company?

Unlike most real estate agents or fly-by-night cash buyers, our goal is to help the seller figure out a solution regardless if they choose to sell to us or not. We aim to make the home selling process as easy and stress-free as possible, and we come to the appointment with options instead of sales pitches. At DCI we’re here to serve not sell. That’s what makes us different.

Is this applicable to all types of properties (duplexes, rental properties, vacant properties)?

Yes. We buy all types of properties including inherited properties, condos, land, townhouses, commercial buildings, small apartment building, estate sales, and rental properties with tenants.

Why haven’t I heard about this before?

Selling direct to a private buyer is still a new concept in North America. Most people assume their only option is going the tradition route of listing with a real estate agent. It isn’t. Selling your home privately is safe, legal, and saves you some additional fess (as well as time, energy, and stress!)

How do you figure out what to offer?

The most common concern people have about selling their house privately is that they’ll be low-balled by a cash buyer. And in some cases – depending on who you sell to – that’s a legitimate concern. At DCI Properties we pride ourselves on being transparent and professional. Our representatives are licensed, and our offer is always accompanied with comparable sales so you know exactly what your home is worth. Our no-pressure approach gives you the freedom to decide if our offer is the right fit for you or not.

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