The secret life of Real Estate Investors

What Do Real Estate Investors Do With The Houses They Purchase? 

Private Home Buyers or Real Estate Investors are the new kids in town regarding real estate buying and home selling options. In a sentence, they buy homes without demanding changes to the property. More and more, Real Estate Investors are being embraced by many home sellers.


Private Home Buyers are happy to purchase a house no matter its shape. 

Even if your home has a negative issue that would delay your ability to sell it, you may need to sell it but cannot fix the hindrance. What can you do that won’t require ‘giving the home away’ or not getting a fair return on your investment? 

Private Home Buyers like DCI Properties are the professionals to contact. They are not nervous about taking on any project, no matter how bashful your home is. Read about the process here.


What does it mean when an investor buys a house?

When an Investor buys a house, it refers to the expanded term of Real Estate Investor or Private Home Buyer. A Private Home Buyer buys a house to resell it to individuals, retaining the house as their investment. Various buyers like private individuals, management companies, and real estate investors are on their contacts list for resale purposes. 

The Private Home Buyers’ (or Real Estate Investors’) unique real estate position allows them to close a house sale quickly and easily with a cheque, no matter the property, creating a welcomed niche among sellers. 


But, let’s fully open the door to the secret world of what Private Home Buyers / or Real Estate Investors do with the houses they purchase. 

In the same way that a licensed real estate agent may occasionally choose to purchase for themselves a property listing in order to resell or rent to tenants, so too, private home buyers (real estate investors) retain the homes they buy to rent or resell. If the Private Home Buyer Company chooses to resell a property, several types of buyers are happy to purchase these properties, such as: 

  • A real estate investment group
  • A real estate rental and property management company
  • Individuals who renovate houses to flip


A real estate investment group: 

In the world of money, there are an infinite number of ways to build wealth, and some forms of investment come with less financial risk than others. 

Some people invest their money in the daily buying and selling of the stock market, while other people choose to keep their money in low-risk money market funds, T-bills, or high-interest savings accounts. 

Because real estate is an entity that, more and more, seems a sure-fire way to earn a high investment return, a collaboration exists between private home buyers and investment groups where a secondary purchase through their group is an excellent financial investment for them. The property is managed, rented, and maintained through the investment company.


A real estate rental and property management company:

Depending on the circumstances of a purchase, it may be to a Private Home Buyer or Real Estate Investor’s advantage to transfer the management of a purchased apartment building through its sale to a professional, like-minded, property management company.


Individuals who renovate houses to flip:

Last but not least, we are occasionally approached by local flippers looking for houses requiring their renovation expertise that, in turn, they resell through a real estate agent. These are sometimes husband/wife teams where one is a real estate agent, and the other is a renovator.

DCI Properties, Ryan and Courtenay started their business as house-flippers. Read more here.


Private Home Buyers or Real Estate Investors are not so much about what they do with the houses they buy, as the choices they offer for house sellers: 

  • To sell a home without renovating
  • To sell a home quickly where the need for money is urgent
  • To allow a seller to remain in their home under a rental contract
  • To have flexibility in the closing date
  • To accommodate those persons who wish for privacy throughout the process
  • To limit the seller’s exposure to others because of health concerns


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