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Brittany Higgs
Brittany Higgs
I reached out to DCI in regards to my parents property. From the initial first contact to the appts with Jazz. We can not say enough good things. Every person we spoke to were friendly and welcoming. My parents were pleased with how everything went. Things were explained very well, prices were reasonable and fair. Willing to work with you, fast and lawyer provided if needed. Very happy customers here and we will be spreading the word. Thanks again Jazz, and the rest of the DCI team!
Julien Lesperance
Julien Lesperance
Selling my home with DCI Properties was better than using a real estate sales representative. Absolutely no issues and best of all no real estate commissions. After the deal closed and I received my cheque, I asked my lawyer " how were they to deal with? " He responded "very professional." I will definitely call them when I or anyone I know, wants to sell their house. Sales rep. Andrea Scratch was awesome. Atta Girl, Andrea !!
david forshaw
david forshaw
We were looking to sell our house, it needed some work... floors and walls were in need of repair. We spoke with DCI, they came to the house and we had a deal done within 30 minutes for a price we were very happy with. We were even able to leave stuff in the house that we did not want to take with us. Very easy to deal with apart from a couple of delays with getting the papers signed.Overall we were very satisfied with DCI.
Abe Peters
Abe Peters
Hassle free and competitive pricing with the market. Overall great experience!
Leah Scheelar
Leah Scheelar
I reached out to Mark at DCI because I needed to sell my dad's house that was in poor condition after he was transferred from hospital to long term nursing home care. Mark listened patiently and compassionately and was interested in helping me with a very stressful problem. Although, I recieved another offer and ultimately sold to another buyer, I would still recommend the DCI team. So if you have a house that's more trouble than it's worth, or its stressing you out, consider calling DCI properties and see if they can relieve your stress and help you out.
Nicole Beaudoin
Nicole Beaudoin
Friendly service, our representative provided valuable honest and no-frills information about our home and the current housing market. We appreciate your time and your professional advice.
dylan river
dylan river
I Have been working on a project with dci, they have been very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you guys for all your help.

My husband heard about DCI Properties and decided to give them a shot. We were unsure how it would all work, but the process was super easy, and Ryan and Courtenay were very pleasant. My husband and Ryan bonded over hockey, and Courtenay and I bonded over our dogs. They were easy to talk too, helpful, and more than giving. Communication was great all the way through, even when we needed a few extra days to organize movers. Overall, a great experience. We’d definitely recommend DCI!

Why Choose DCI?

We want to change how Canadians sell their homes by taking the friction and uncertainty out of the equation and making it a personalized experience that offers unique options and is never pushy.

Personalized experience

We will tailor the entire experience to you
We understand that everyone's situation is different and that selling can be overwhelming and even emotional. That's why we take the time to get to know you, your property, and needs before presenting an offer.

Many Options

Pick the cash offer or work with a top agent.
You choose what's best for you. Cash offers (without financing) are quick and easy if you want to sell as is without doing any staging, renovations, or clean-up. Or choose a traditional listing with a top agent.

No Pressure

You'll never feel obligated to work with us - but we think you'll want to.
We'll give you the data and solutions to ensure you feel confident about your decision and if for some reason it doesn't feel right, no problem.

Seller Stories

Our Reviews

Terri’s story about selling a house in London and moving to BC

“My name is Terri Ballantine and I owned 13 Lyman Street. I lost my father last year (2018) and had come to a point where I needed a fresh start. My boyfriend lives in British Columbia so we decided I would think about selling my house to move out to him. I was out a couple days later and happened to come across Ryan’s sign about buying houses. I thought about it for a couple more weeks, and finally had my boyfriend call Ryan. After Ryan and my boyfriend Kevin spoke Ryan then made contact with me. From the first phone call he was very respectful and polite. We set up a time for later that evening for himself and his wife to come and see the house.

They arrived a few minutes early and even brought coffee! I met Ryan and his wife Courtney, and showed them through the house. They were both very friendly and happy people. It was like having two friends stop in to say hi really. We walked through the house talking about the house and life in general, very laid back feeling the whole time. After the walk through they asked if they could be in touch with me in 24 hours, as they need to research and go over their options.

By the next evening Ryan and Courtney were back to discuss an offer. They again arrived with smiles and friendly attitudes. They both had no problems interacting with my 7 year old, or even excepting a phone call from Kevin. We made a deal and started the process for closing in two weeks, as I would be able to move out fast. After making the deal Courtney had to contact me a couple times to be able to bring contractors threw. She was very friendly and always gave more than enough notice. I never felt rushed or inconvenienced at all throughout any of this process. Truthfully I think Ryan and Courtney may of been in a rushed position, and they were remarkable with it!!!

The first time Courtney had to come with contractors she showed up with a cookie for my 7 year old, that meant a lot to her and myself. You really dont come across such sincere and genuine people now a days, but these two really are!! I moved a week before closing and even being out of the province Courtney stayed in contact with me. It turns out they have friends out where I have moved, and we plan on showing them around the Dairy Farm when they come out this way. Courtney never hesitated to contact me the day after I landed to make sure we arrived safe.

I have to say that I am so happy I was able to do business with both of them, but I am also grateful to of had the pleasure of meeting them as people. They really are grate people and I hope to see them again in the future, maybe even see the changes they make to the house. Thank you Ryan and Courtney for helping me get to where I was meant to be!” – Terri Ballantine 

Rizwana’s story selling a rental property in Ontario while living in Calgary

“Our townhouse was in London, Ontario but we live in Calgary Alberta. It was very hard for us to sell this property living in another province. We found DCI properties through online search and left our contact information in the online form. Ryan gave me the first call to collect some property details. Then Birtha sent us the offer after visiting the property. We had long time tenants in the property and were worried about asking them to vacate the house but Birtha took this stress away by assuming the tenants in the offer letter. It helped us to close this deal just in three weeks. Courtenay was also very helpful in finalizing the deal.
We are really impressed by the whole team of DCI properties and will definitely recommend them to others. Just give them a call and find it out yourself.
Thanks DCI properties for all your help. Keep up the good work!!!” – Rizwana

Pat’s story about not going with DCI, but still recommending them

“Ryan and Courtenay were very kind and considerate and definitely knew what they were talking about. We were looking to sell our house and they gave us a free consultation and gave us some advice on what we could do to fix it up and sell it. In the end, we didn’t end up striking a deal with them because they explained that we didn’t need to do much to sell it on the MLS. 

I think what makes them different than other options out there is that they are honest, upfront, and caring about what I had to say rather trying to sell themselves. And at the end of the day that’s what you want when you are dealing with someone. Someone who cares, is honest, and someone who is looking out for your best interests.” – Pat

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