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Who are DCI Properties?

My name is Ryan DeLaurentis and I am the founder of DCI Properties. My wife Courtenay and I entered into this journey together back in 2015. At that time we were just getting into real estate investing. We owned a couple rental properties in Cambridge ON and London ON, and had gone through the difficult process of managing renovations on those properties from a distance.

Even though this industry was proving to be both mentally and physically challenging, we were both excited about the opportunity to learn about real estate, contracting, property management, and people management. After taking on a couple more full renovation flips in 2017, we decided to leave our jobs for good to do this full-time! There have been a lot of mistakes we've made along the way, but we really enjoy providing people with an alternative option to selling their home. It's allowed us to get more involved with the community, and we now have a team to help with the day-to-day workload, along with an office in south London. It's been quite the journey, but we really love what we do 🙂

DCI Properties - your friendly neighbourhood home buyers.

What We Do

We Buy Houses! It's pretty simple but it's true! We buy houses, condos, and rental properties directly from sellers. There are no realtors involved, which means you don't need to worry about paying any commission or fees! Our offers don’t have any financing conditions, and we close on your timeline (whether that's 3 weeks or 6 months). We typically buy houses AS-IS, meaning you don't need to fix it up or do any repairs to sell it. AND, we only need one showing to make an offer. So, if you have a messy house or just want to avoid the stress and hassle of listing it, no problem!

How We Got Started

Like most small businesses, we started out slow. In our first year we only flipped a few houses and did some of the work ourselves. Fast forward to today, and our team successfully purchased over 100 houses! (Check out our Houses We've Bought Page?) Some we have kept as rentals, and others we have renovated and re-sold. But we have also built an AMAZING team of A-Players whom you can read about below - Birtha, Jason, Courtenay, Parker, Alexandra & Otis!

Who makes up our AMAZING Team?

Birtha Wall (Aka “Big B”)

Birtha is our property acquisition specialist. Typically, she’s the one you will talk to if you call in or fill out our contact form, and it’s usually Birtha or myself who will show up at the appointment. Birtha has been working with us since 2019 and has a strong family background in home renovations. Her mom is a painter, her dad and her brother do commercial construction, and she and her husband have built workshops from the foundation up! Birtha and her husband Nathan live in Aylmer and have a 1yr old Pomeranian-Yorkie Poo mix named Chunk. Birtha loves talking about real estate and has a big family she enjoys spending time with outside of work. Fun fact – at the office we joke about the collection of cups she keeps on her desk. It is normal to find her with four at any given time; coffee, ice coffee, water, and soda water.

Jason McNeill (Aka “Wheels")

Jason is our sales director and oversees the purchase, sale, and possible rental of all properties we close. He will be the one to ensure our financial partners are on board and will coordinate a walk-through of the house with our contractors and business partners. He also helps us with due diligence and is focussed on expanding DCI Properties into new markets across Ontario. Jason owns a few rental properties in London and was born and raised in London. When he isn’t chatting about real estate, he is usually enjoying a round of golf, playing hockey, or hanging out with close friends around London. Jason is excited about getting DCI Properties involved ReForest London, an organization focussed on improving the cities environment. He is a go-green activist and we support him all the way!


Courtenay Hindemit (Aka “the Boss Lady”)

Courtenay is our transaction coordinator & internal bookkeeper. She’s the one who takes care of all the paperwork needed to close each deal. Courtenay will be the one in contact with your lawyer after the offer is signed, and will work with your lawyer’s office to make sure they have all the documentation needed for closing. She also helps us with utility set-up on properties we buy and makes sure all of our expenses are being paid on time during each renovation. Courtenay is also in charge of paying the bills. I may be the “boss” but most people know it’s the lady who cuts the cheque who’s the true “Boss Lady”. When she’s not working, Courtenay enjoys talking Otis for walks, reading, and doing puzzles. She’s a puzzle master and can finish 1000 to 2000-piece puzzles with ease. Fun Fact - Courtenay is known for surprising people with their favourite snacks and helps us stay 'fueled up' when we need to work late!

Ryan Parker (Aka “Parker” or “P-Diddy”)
The second Ryan to join the team was Ryan Parker (we just call him Parker though so it doesn’t get too confusing). Parker wears a number of hats on our team. He is in charge of our operations and makes sure everything is running smoothly. He oversees our marketing, HR, and IT. He also coordinates renovation plans with our contractors to ensure they are being kept on a timeline and on budget. On top of this, he oversees our finances to make sure we are in a good position and have enough cash available for house purchases. Parker has two boys and enjoys watching movies with them ranging from Avengers to Star Wars, and also enjoys camping and hiking with them on weekends. Unfortunately, he’s also an Ottawa Senators fan, so we give him our condolences on a regular basis every time they play the Leafs :). Parker was the one who introduced us to the Ronald McDonald House, where we now volunteer together as a team on a yearly basis. Fun Fact - Parker loves peanut butter!

Me – Ryan DeLaurentis (Aka “Ry”)

The great thing about having such an awesome team of A-Players is that it makes my job a whole lot easier. I mainly oversee the team and make sure everyone is happy and knows what they should be working on. I manage relationships with our money partners, oversee marketing content changes, and assist Birtha with sales training. But, like most over-particular, detail-oriented entrepreneurs, I tend to want things “just right”...hence where I get my nickname :). Courtenay and I own a number of rental properties, so real estate is definitely a big part of our life. When I’m not working on the business, I enjoy going to the gym, playing tug with Otis, and playing board games with friends (Settlers of Catan is my favourite). As for giving back, I've been involved with the Basket Brigade for a few years and have recently got the team involved as well. The Basket Brigade helps deliver food to families around the holidays. We collect food donations and purchase full turkey dinners that we deliver to families in need at Christmas. Fun Fact - I am very particular about my whiteboard markers 🙂 ....and also very protective of their whereabouts.


Alexandra Hoon (Aka “Alex” or “A”)

Alexandra oversees digital marketing for the company. This comprises of website content management, online ad accounts, social media accounts, SEO ranking and more! It's definitely a challenging job but it keeps the boredom at bay. Alexandra comes from Singapore, where her dad is a real estate agent in a niche market. When Alex isn't looking at 10 different portals or internet tabs, she looks to cook, explore the different cuisines in her neighborhood, or go for bike rides with her toddler daughter. She is based in Kitchener-Waterloo which is our major market outside of London.


Adelle Di Nardo

Adelle is our Lead Manager, the initial touch point when sellers reach out to DCI Properties. Adelle chats with homeowners about their properties to better understand if we're a good fit - she's always looking for that 'win-win' outcome! Born and raised in Toronto she still bleeds blue (GO LEAFS GO!) but has found her new home in London as well as her love for real estate. When Adelle isn't chatting up our sellers, you can find her in her garden admiring her tomatoes, playing piano or day dreaming about being back on the ice as a competitive figure skater.


Kristen Condie

Kristen is our new administrative assistant and the oil that keeps our engines running smoothly! She wears many hats including organizing travel schedules, connecting and collaborating with various partners of the business, creating marketing material for properties we decide to sell, and a number of other "team supporting" tasks :slightly_smiling_face:. She was born in a small town in Ontario and has called London her home since the age of 13. Kristen is fun, vibrant and loves the harsh Canadian winters. When she isn't at work or coordinating tasks with the team, she keeps herself busy going stand-up paddle boarding, skiing or spending time with her fur babies Seamus (cat) and Doyle (dog).


Otis (Aka "Oti")

Otis is our team mascot but likes to think he’s the one in charge. As a 90lb bulldog, he will sometimes demand a butt scratch when you are in the middle of working on something important, and he likes lying on his back making noises in the middle of team meetings – it can be annoying but it’s something we’ve learned to tune out. He's not the dog from Turner and Hootch, but he does share many similar qualities. Otis like snacks, naps, and playing tug. When he isn’t working, he likes going on short walks or laying on the couch for some extra R&R. Don’t let his mopey sad face fool you though. He knows how to get what he wants and is by far the best negotiator on our team. If he had a choice, I would guess that Otis's charity would be Sleep Country or one of his favourite snack manufacturers so they could design new flavours like old-sweaty-socks or toilet paper. (lol)


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What are our Goals?

Part of our goal is to make money (we are a business after all ). But we also thrive off our 5-star reviews from happy home sellers who truly enjoy the ease we bring to the stressful home selling process. Working with us is easy. And the benefit of working with us directly is that you work with us directly!! There isn’t a layer of realtors to negotiate through if you need to make a change to the agreement or push back your closing date (for example). The process is much simpler and allows us to form real connections with the people we are working with. We do close the transaction using a lawyer - we have our own lawyer as the buyer, and you will have your own lawyer as the seller. There just isn't the added stress of showings, clean-up, pushy realtors, large commissions, flaky buyers, or costly repairs. A happy review from a seller we have helped is all we need.
We also do it because we really enjoy renovating properties and making them look new again! A lot of sellers work with us because they want to see their house brought back to life by someone who will take care of it...And that's exactly what we aim to do!
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Giving Back
We also believe strongly in giving back to our community. Buying and selling houses has given us the ability to work with some amazing charities in London and Southwest Ontario, including the Ronald McDonald House, the London Basket Brigade, and Habitat for Humanity.
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